Gem City Food Trolley - Dayton 3.01

P.O. Box 3435
Dayton, OH 45401
United States
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Gem City Food Trolley Gem City Food Trolley is one of the top rated place listed as Food/Grocery in Dayton , Food & Grocery in Dayton , Place To Eat/Drink in Dayton ,

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Our intention is to disrupt the current food system in Dayton, Ohio and shrink the distance between growers of local fresh food and eaters of local fresh food, We support a #kissafarmer initiative to give love to our local growers and #endfoodwaste to support a new actions to ending food waste. We #believeinugly, saving ugly and wonky fruit and veg. We hold that the issue of hunger is two fold: education about food and the distribution of food (which effects nutrition and food waste). Our Google sized dream is to radiate some major Dayton love into fresh food mobility via our trolley, launch a food waste restaurant, establish a veterans and refugee farming co-op to to drive revenue and social connected-ness to groups typically not included or looked at in the conversation about food, hunger, placemaking, and civic development. Yes, civic development. This is a collaborative impact model. We want to walk alongside people who are living in the life that they want to be a part of changing and to reach across bridges, rivers, and highways in Dayton to build a bigger table that shrinks the power distance to making amazing things happen.

**** NOTES: We are not a part of the Gem City Market and were named Gem City Food Trolley prior to that project announcing a name change that is very similar to ours. It is not clear why this would have happened, as it creates confusion for consumes and distracts from our project, but we are two different projects with different models, and different intentions.

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